—-· RÖR! - a trash experiment in 2007 ·-—

At the Malmöfestival I created an installation aiming to test how you could encourage
people to keep clean and raise the question of where the garbage goes.

The intention with this installation was to test and observe how children and grown ups react when the rules are different. Therefore there was no sign of explanation just a sign saying Touch! and Feed us with the rest (direct translation). The garbage can became something more. It had a personality. A give and take relation was created, like a mini eco system. Kids loved to play with them, a little too much actually. It was fascinated how clean it was around the installation and how the visitors placed the banana skin decoratively in the mouths of the animal. At several times you could see and hear parents explaining for their kids and building their own story around the installation and the purpose of the animals.

RÖR installation 

installation details